World Wide Instameet 11 - Melaka edition

In conjunction of the calling of a meet decreed by Instagram, few good folks had organised an instameet here in Melaka (and also elsewhere, duh). Originally I planned to go for a meet in KL and Selangor area, alas, I'm broke, so here I am, staying in for the weekend, in which no regrets befelled upon me. The meet was super fun and super crazy! Located within a secret abandoned hotel at the centre of Bandar Hilir, in which only the hardcores of grammers knew about it (ok tipu).

 Without much ado, here's the pics I've taken during the time (opted to use Velvia, it's an event of colors after all, and Velvia has super saturated tones) :

Big thanks to the organizers of the Instameet, Melaka edition, till next year eh?
(igersmelaka, jiweana, artkami, hakimihaslan, asyraflalek, paksam - they're instagram handles)

Till then, chiao!


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