Masjid Selat - 15.3.2015

Went outing with Awe few days ago to Pulau Melaka, overlooking the straits of Melaka, with plenty of good spots for photos. The obvious prolly be the Masjid Selat, sitting comfortably there at the banks, greeting tourists and photography enthusiasts alike. The area around here used to be full of crowds, with wedding shoots going around till late evening, then suddenly the Klebang area gained notorious coverage (I went there too, it was awesome, later I uploaded the pics), so I guess this area became a bit lonely huh *tho there's few photographer I saw that day doing shoot here*

Nevertheless, the sun was good, chiming her golden colors down our skin. We took few shots here and there while waiting for dawn to get some long exposure pics of the mosque. Too bad my tripod, sadly, broke his few legs, and I'm broke to the bone, need new tripod STAT. *tried taking few photos of the mosques, handheld I tell you, and at dawn some more, with apertures wide open LOL. obviously the HDR image looks ridikeles hahahahaha*

Enjoice some pics, till then, chiao. 

 P.s. My sensor need some serious cleaning up. Final year is taking its toll on my time sobs.


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