Backlane Coffee

First and foremost, as I've officially done with my undergraduate studies, hopefully this blog will become livelier, at least for the next 6 months or so. Planning to sell my Nikon D80 and 35mm Nikkor 1.8G, to fund for my backpacking trip next month. What else to show the capabilities of this legendary tool than by taking a drive on one of the famous cafe in Melaka, the Backlane Coffee.

Backlane Coffee, as the name implies, is literally a cafe operating behind the shoplots. Tho currently as it gained fame, newer doors are accessible from the front of shoplot (even then, if there is no sign in front, people will missed this cafe easily). What I like about this place is that, it has abundance of natural light shining thru its glassy door (the original backlane area) and ofcourse it's famous Mr. Owl Coffee Latte! Anywho, let the pics speak for itself. hope you'll enjoy it :)

The front entrance if you enter thru the shoplots :

The backlane entrance, hence the name :)





p.s. All the photos are processed by having Kodak Gold 400 as their base preset :)