Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival 2015

Had the pleasure to come to KLPF again this year woohooo. Seriously mirrorless camera will be the future lah I tell you the so called EVIL (Electronic Viewfinder interchangeable Lens) will dominate the market in few years yime. maybe iy's time for me ta take the jump too? But my love for D700 wouldn't flinch hahaha. Anyway as per any photography fest, there's bound to be models lurking here and there with their big googoo eyes and oh so ever charming smiles waiting to be snapped. Since I need to exercise my old trustee D80 (armed with nikkor 85mm), in which i'm planning to sell later on, so why not give this old fella one more time to shine?

 p.s. pushing this guy till iso1600 is a lil bit pushing it, but the grains turns out fine heuheu


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