Gadis Melayu Outing & Iftar Vol 03 by Artoukgraphy Photo x Rudy Zain

It's been one year since I shoot this series of portraits of very talented, beautiful and fun to work with ladies. And yes, I do a pretty average job at it, since this is the first ever time I shoot a few professional models as well as seasoned talents (LOL). Learnt a lot from them actually (especially in composing and directing poses), thanks to Artoukgraphy Photo (Safwan Hadi) for the organisation of the event, in which he is a photographer a level way, way above mine in terms of quality and also as a person too (jovial + friendly to boot). 

Anyhow, please enjoice the (noob) photos!

p.s. gadis melayu outing vol 04 will be held this year as well (Yeay!)


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